Genius hour blog #2

I am making a volcano  with nelson. I have been learning about how volcanoes form, how they erupt, and other things about volcanoes.  I learn that volcanos form from continetal drift. I have also  the danger area of a erupting volcano is about 10 to 20 miles. There are 500 active volcanoes in the ring of fire. Volcanoes are active, domain, or extict. There are 20 volcanoes going off right now. The tallest volcano in the solar syatem is not on earth but on mars. They erupt from mama escaping the crust of the earth. They grow quickly. The tallest and biggest volcanoes are side by side.  The most distant point from the center of the earth is a volcano, you might think its the point of mount everest, but its not because points on the equator are further from the center of the earth. More than 80% of earths surface is made out of volcanic eruptions.

Iowa state

My favorite part of going to Iowa State was the virtual world presentation. They showed how they made 3D movies. I was surprised by how big the college was. I want to go to Iowa state because there’s lots of engineering. On the tour tour the guy said they threw potatoes to decide were they would plant trees. It was officially established on March 22, 1858. The cost was about $5000. The first class had 26 people 24 men and 2 women. Today there are almost 30000 students that go to Iowa state. They have a hairy potter game called qutish. The sports are baseball, football, wrestling, soccer, swimming, and basketball. Its top 100 places to live. Top 25 smartest college towns. About 9000 people got to Iowa state for engineering.

Genius hour project

For my project i’m making volcano with Nelson. I’m making a volcano because it would be fun and I can learn stuff about volcano’s. My goal for the project is to learn about volcano’s and make it erupt. I I will know I I reached my goal when the volcano erupts and I’ve learned about how they erupt and why. We are going to use paper mache, red pop, paint and mentoes. The things I want to learn are how a volcano erupts, how long does one usually last, how long does the high can the lava go, and how much lava is comes out of the volcano.  I think my end project will have and eruption. We’ve been trying to find out what we should use for the eruption. First we thought we were going to use baking soda, vinegar and food coloring, but we thought this would make a bigger explosion. This project will be beneficial to others because they can learn about volcano’s and will be fun to watch. My main focus is to make the volcano erupt and learn alot about volcanos. My motivation to do this is to be able to watch our volcano erupt.

Spring Break

This spring break I went to Wisconsin dells. My family and I went for 4 days. It was only the inside pool and the outdoor and indoor theme park. We stayed at Mt. Olympus. Next to the hotel was the water park and theme park. There was a lot of people there and all the slides had long lines. The day we left we went out to eat and they gave our food to us on a train.  When we got home from Wisconsin dells my cousin said he was coming down from Minnesota for Easter. The first day he got here we went to the stadium and played basketball and football. On Saturday we played basketball all day and played knock out. On Sunday we went to church in the morning. When we got back we had friends come over and played on my trampoline. My cousin didn’t have school today so he stayed one more night. Thats what I did this spring break.

Wisconsin dells

Week 7

Today I’m going to talk about Estes Park, Colorado, I go there every year with my family.

Estes Park


We go to Colorado we see a lot of different nature and animals. My family and I went on a trail that lead us up a mountain. We couldn’t go to the tallest mountain by walking, so we drove. The air was thin and when I would run I would run out of breath fast. On the mountain there was a tundra with a lot of trees around it.

Trees in Estes park 

When we were there we saw a lot of elk. They weigh 710 lbs to 730 lbs and live to be 10 to 13 years old. They are 4.9 feet on all 4 legs. There are many different animal in Estes Park like the Bighorn sheep, beaver, black bear, coyote, and many more. The elk are the most common animal in Estes park. Mountains of Estes Park. There 100 peaks that rise above 11,000 feet in altitude including Longs peak at 14,259.


Here are some extra facts on Estes Park, Colorado. The park has over 450 miles of steam and has around 150 lakes. The park averages 3 million visitors a year. There are 350 miles of trail in the park, there are 35 different trailheads at the park. The park spans 256,769 acreas of wilderness. Rocky Mountain National park was established January 26 1915 it is 1 of the 51 national parks. The town Estes park was establised in 1859 the founder was Joel Estes. The area has 60 types of mammals, 280 types of birds, and over 900 types of plants. The trails for houses is about 260 miles long. It is one of the most popular national parks in the United States of America. There are 5 campgrounds and 585 campsites.



Week 6

1. I visited Tegan’s blog he is 12 years old and lives in Australia. He likes hockey and other sports.

2. I visited Riley’s blog he is 12 years old and lives in Russia, he likes teakwondo.

3.I visited Zu’s blog he is 13 years old, lives in Thailand and likes building things and shooting things.

4.I visited Dariana’s blog she is 12 years old and lives in Mexico. She likes soccer and volleyball.

5. I visited Brock’s blog he is 12 years old, lives in Russia and likes hanging out with friends and cooking.

6. I visited Mark’s blog he lives in Africa and is 16 years old. His favorite things to do are Wrestling and golf.

7.I visited Bhavya’s blog lives in India, is 14 and likes blogging and traveling.

8.I visited Shehryaar’s blog  he lives in Pakistan and is 14. He likes computer games and table tennis


9.I visited Viktoria’s blog she lives in Hungary, is 14 and likes writing poetry and listening to music.

10.I visited Dylan’s blog and likes gaming and reading. He is 15 years old and lives in Sengal.

My favorite food

Today I am going to talk about my favorite food. I like lots of different food like tacos, cheeseburgers, nachos, candy, pizza and lots more of foods. My favorite foods are cheeseburgers and tacos. I eat cheeseburgers almost everytime I go out to eat as a family. I get tacos if I go to Tacobell or Tacojohns.

Week 3

The Minnesota Vikings are my favorite NFL. This picture reminds me of going to watch the vikings play against the Buffalo Bills. I went there with my cousin, dad, grandpa and my 2 brothers.  I lived in Omaha, Nebraska, so we had to drive about 7 hours. When we first got there it was snowing. When the game started the vikings weren’t doing good, at half time the score was like